ENDUE  is a foundation on the San Francisco Peninsula which is dedicated to investing in and providing support for children and adults with disabilities and autism. The ENDUE Foundation has been established to work towards furnishing a higher quality of life to members of our community who have developmental disabilities and autism. Through the ENDUE Foundation, the Board of Directors will grant funding to individuals or non-profit organizations who support programs for children and adults with developmental disabilities and autism. The financial support will help to provide affordable housing, independent training, child-care and support groups for families as well as purchasing assistive technology, sending children to camp and providing for educational facilities to assist children and adults with developmental disabilities in the coping with and overcoming the difficulties that they encounter in society.

It is suggested that one in every 160 kids in the United States of America is afflicted with some form of autism. ENDUE’s primary goal is to promote awareness, education and provide support to those individuals and families who are effected by autism, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, epilepsy and other neurological disorders. We financially support groups that provide affordable housing, independence training for adults, recreation for children and teens, childcare, and support groups for families. We buy playground equipment and computers, pay for new clothes for job seekers, send children to camp, help pay for medical expenses or in-home care for families in need, and much, much more. We have the drive and the know-how to assist your Bay Area group.