Cabrillo Day School

Programs that enhance the lives of children with special needs through educational and nurturing environments. – education.

Creativity Explored

creativity-exploredServices that provide studio artists with workspace, instruction and opportunities to explore and express themselves through a wide variety of media. That variety includes printmaking, painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics and fabric art. The programs are tailored to meet the needs of each studio artist. – education.

Via Services

via-services3A 66-year old nonprofit based in the city of Santa Clara which not only provides early intervention services to approximately 1800 pre-school age children with special needs, but also operates a summer and weekend respite throughout the year for children, teenagers and adults with disabilities. – iPads.

Hope Services

hope-servicesA nonprofit serving individuals with developmental disabilities for 60 years. Over this time the organization has evolved into a multi-faceted model operation annually serving the needs of over 2500 children and adults with disabilities. – iPads/Van Campaign.

Center for Early Intervention on Deafness

ceid_logoA nonprofit with over 30 years experience serving deaf children. Services include not only testing, early intervention and family support and education, but also implementation of skills through regular social activities to address language and feelings of isolation. – family support project.

New Directions

logo2 copyA program that has been offering holiday tours for individuals with special needs since 1975. Executive Director Dee Duncan initiated services for persons who, due to absentee or no family, had nowhere to go at Christmas. Individuals are supported with a shopping and holiday dining experience. – scholarships.